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Dr.Raghu Narayan Speaks of how Dentist treat a Patient

Most people fear visiting a dentist. They avoid it for as long as they possibly can, resulting in teeth and gum problems worsening more than they should. I always wondered why patients fear coming in for a routine check up to the dentist?

What do you fear?

  1. You fear that your dentist will judge you for having bad teeth or unhealthy gums.

  2. You fear being ridiculed for not maintaining your oral hygiene, for not flossing daily.

  3. You are skeptical about being forced to undergo treatment once you come to visit us.

  4. You are concerned about being fleeced in the name of undergoing necessary dental treatment

  5. You hate the sounds and sights in a dental clinic and hence you avoid it.

All of these are valid concerns of any patient. We are not dismissing it as petty concerns. Instead, all of us at Narayana Specialists dental clinic, Bangalore are aware of these concerns you may have. This makes us work in a more empathetic manner keeping you as a priority when you walk into our clinic.

So how are we different?

  1. We actually care about you. We ensure that the clinic ambience is soothing and relaxing to make you feel at ease and less anxious about visiting us.

  2. We DO NOT judge any of our patients. You may have a busy schedule, a sweet tooth, a late night eating habit, whatever, we understand. We instead share with you how to maintain oral hygiene the easy way based on the issues you are facing.

  3. We understand that though we stress on brushing twice daily, flossing, mouthwash etc., very few follow it regularly. And that is why, we advise you to visit us regularly. Because if you are unable to take out time to maintain your hygiene, you may develop teeth and gum problems easily. And we want to catch it at the earliest sign of it and help you treat it. This ensures you don’t have to undergo long complicated treatments later on if it worsens because you ignored it.

  4. We respect the fact that you may want to consider your treatment plan before agreeing for it. This is why you will never be forced to undergo a procedure at our center. When we discuss a treatment with you, it is a two way discussion where you are free to ask any queries to us that you may have about the procedure. In fact, we want our patients to be fully convinced and committed to the treatment before saying a yes to ensure better success.

  5. We also respect the fact that money is valuable to you. We offer treatment options to all our patients when possible. And our prices are reflective of the quality of materials we use, the experience of the treating doctors, and the services we provide. We aim to balance international standards of care and value for money when providing services to you.

As you see, at our Narayana dental clinic in Bangalore, we treat patients as individuals rather than just mouths with teeth. We understand your concerns about visiting a dentist, but when you try us out, you will know we are different, only because we CARE about you.

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