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The Only Way to Achieve true Success is to express yourself Completely in Service to Society - Aristotle



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Being Experienced as a Chief Clinical director and Consultant Micro Endodontist in India and abroad has tremendously helped me understand our society from the Professional Perspective.

Dr.Raghu Narayan is a highly qualified Micro Endodontist with two decades of clinical dentistry experience.  MDS in Endodontics from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. and has acquired micro-endodontic and advanced endodontic and Aesthetic dentistry training form the university at Buffalo, University of Florida, and the University of California Los Angeles His oratory skills have seen him serve as a Speaker on modern endodontic concepts at multiple national and international conferences and forums. He is also the Founder & Director of the Academy of Advanced Endodontics in Bangalore and has trained 3000 Dentists across the globe in cutting-edge endodontic practices. Moreover, Dr.Narayan serves as Academic Director for modern Endodontics at Dental Academy for Clinical Excellence (DACE) in the USA, and Program Director for the Advanced Endodontic principles mini-residency program conducted in association with DACE at University at Buffalo (UB).

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Digital Marketing-

What Every Dentist should know about Digital Marketing 

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-Ethics in Dental Profession

-Modern Dentistry from Post Covid Perspective 

-Dentistry For Diabetics

-Geriatric Dentistry-New Challenges

-Dentistry Beyond Pain

-Bruxism: Most Young Indians Problem


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